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12 Facebook Content Ideas for Dentists

12 Facebook Content Ideas for Dentists

12 Facebook Content Ideas for Dentists

If you are looking to extend the reach of your dental practice, social media is a great place to start. Facebook, for example, has been known to spread the word about small businesses all the way across the world. Maintaining a dental website is hard, especially when you are trying to juggle your hours at office and keeping your website updated constantly. We have curated a list of Facebook post ideas to make your job easier.

Here’s a list of 12 Facebook content ideas for dentists-

Share interesting facts:

You never know what your patients might find interesting. Sharing interesting facts about dental hygiene might attract attention to your business by showing your patients how diligent and dedicated you are in your field of specialisation.

Share videos about dental procedures:

It helps to have video clips about the various dental procedures you offer, so that patients know what they are in for, after booking an appointment. Explain different concepts and terms in simple words to make it easier for your young patients to grasp.

Introduce your colleagues and staff members:

It is always reassuring to see the real faces of people who would be working for you on your next appointment. Therefore, having pictures of your fellow colleagues and staff members in action in the office, helps the promotional scope of your dental practice.

Involve yourself in pictures and videos:

Patients always love to see their dentists act as real people with empathy instead of a scary figure with sharp tools. Hence, it helps to have your face in pictures and short video clips on your Facebook account.

Hold contests and giveaways:

People love contests where they stand a chance to win something or the other. Holding contests is a good way to attract attention to your dental practice. Conduct quizzes and reserve rewards for the winners. Be it a free dental check-up or discounts on the next visit, any and every reward is welcome.

Curate posts for special days:

Reserve special offers for holidays and promote them on your Facebook page. Make the terms and conditions of your special offers crystal clear. Add interesting images and videos to attract a sizeable audience.

Feature feedbacks and reviews:

Testimonials and feedbacks are extremely essential to your dental practice. Post short video testimonials or feedback quotes from former patients so that your potential patients find credibility in your dental practice.

Hold Q-n-A sessions:

Holding Q-n-A sessions is an excellent way to gauge the fears and doubts in your patients’ minds. It is important to know about the confusions or doubts that your patients might have so as to deal with them better.

Keep sharing your contact details and office address:

No matter what your post is about, it should always feature your office contact and address so that any prospective patient might not face any confusion about reaching your office. Patients should be in the know about your appointment timings.

Add colourful graphics:

Vibrant images are always a good addition to your Facebook page. It helps your page look interesting and colourful, thereby attracting ample clout. Make sure people stop and see your post twice amidst mindlessly scrolling Facebook.

Say more about yourself:

Let your personality shine on your Facebook page. Nobody likes going through a Facebook page which looks like they are being managed by bots or marketing teams. Make sure your posts show your personality. Share your journey for people to be inspired.

Ask quirky questions:

One good way to kick-start your Facebook page is to pose some quirky questions. Ask your followers about the weirdest dental visit they have had so far or the most unexpected parts of their visit to dentists.
Keep your Facebook page up to date with any changes you have incorporated in your practise. Keep your page transparent and show your patients who you are. Know what you want out of your Facebook page and gradually head towards achieving just that!

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