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3 Easy Steps To Make Website User-friendly

3 Easy Steps To Make Website User-friendly

3 Easy Steps To Make Website User-friendly

Easy Steps To Make Website User friendly

Not more than a decade back, a business website was just another way to share information or build the status quo. But, today, a business website is used more for increasing the customer’s experience and increasing traffic to the business to boost conversion. It is highly important that you have a website that is highly customer engaging and “easy to use”.

Are you wondering what makes a good website user experience? Well, the benefit of a user friendly website is many in the 21st century. So, without further ado, let us analyze a few.

Whether a website is good or not is dependent on several factors. One such factor is its user interface or UI and user experience or UX. These two are major determining factors for the easy usage of a website. However, there is another important thing that we are missing out here.

One of the key aspects of a user-friendly website is “speed”. No matter how aesthetically designed a website is, if it takes more than 5 seconds to load, there are all the chances that the customer will move away. It is advisable to the business that they must keep a check on the speed of their websites and effectively increase the number of people hitting on their website. If you are considering our advice, here are some effective ways on how to make a user-friendly website!

  • Simple and functional – A website with simple text and effective imagery is sure to attract customers. Try not to have too many pages on your website; many businesses prefer to have a one-page website with all the info on one page. Even if you think a multi-page website is necessary, ensure that the navigation from one page to another is smooth.
  • Compress the code – Another ultimate way to make your website swift and user-friendly is compressing the code. You can use an effective methodology to compress your code in order to lessen the HTTP response. More HTTP response causes the server to slow down and takes more work from the server, thus ignoring the speed of the website. An excellent web designer will do this for you, all you need to do is report that your website is slow, and they will take it further with expertise. In this way, you can make the website user friendly.
  • Crispy content – Once you are done working on the backend, it is now time that you pay attention to the front end part of your website. Your website cannot be a theory paper, where you write as much as you want. But, your website must have crispy and to the point content. The content must not be too boring to read or too easy to understand. T must be able to pass your business spirit to the customer and make them curious to know more.

These are some simple tips that help you make a website more usable. Try them out with the help of an expert and experience a whole new world of website traffic and conversion. Thank us later when your sales shoot high up in the sky exponentially!

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