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Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing India

Content Marketing can be defined as:

“A strategic marketing approach where helpful and relevant content in the form of blogs, videos or social media posts are shared with a targeted audience. The idea of this is not so much as to promote any brand directly but more to create interest in its products with the ultimate goal being to gain a profitable customer”

We are a skilled and seasoned team of eager consultants who delight in producing creative content that gets people talking. Our team of content marketers include writers, designers and developers. We have developed content strategies and content for many happy and satisfied clients. Our different levels of sales funnel content are developed with bringing in new and old visitors alike to your website as well as keep the search engines happy. We provide Content Marketing in India and abroad.

Content Strategy

You wouldn’t build a house with having an architectural plan right? Similarly, writing even a single word of content without having a plan or strategy is bound to leave your written content at the bottom of content hell where it doesn’t resonate or even reach your target audience. Building a content strategy will help to answer questions such as – How will we create content? When and where will we publish it? What topics will we cover? Who is our audience?

We help you define measurable goals and map out everything that is needed to make your content win right from relevant channels, editorial calendar and resources required for content marketing success.

Types Of Content We Create

Blog Posts

Content optimised to rank in Google search that offers extra value to customers.

Images & Videos

We can help take professional photos and videos and promote them for you.

PR & Outreach Articles

Promotional content that attracts people to your website and spreads maximum brand awareness.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Content for outbound email campaigns.

Landing Pages

Website pages explicitly designed for paid search advertising.

Social Media Posts and Ads

Content written specifically for your social media audience.

Ready to Grow Your Online Presence

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